“We’re always looking for ways to enable the next phase of the company, and with Trend Forward, there’s a genuine desire to help.”

Marwan Forzley
CEO at Veem

Marwan Forzley wanted to rethink wire transfers. In 2014, he co-founded a company that would use blockchain technology to streamline global payment transfers. No more going to the bank, filling out tedious forms, and being charged wire fees from middlemen. It was time to simplify.


How Trend Forward Capital is impacting Veem.


Helping a global company be more global.

By leveraging our alliances and worldwide presence, we’re working with Veem to flesh out various business development activities in China. We’re helping them set up an inside sales center where they can both deepen their business with current customers and scale their network through new ones.  

Reaching more small and medium-sized businesses.

Because of Trend Micro’s decades of success in global SMB markets, we’re able to help Veem distribute their service to even more small and medium-sized businesses. We’re looking at how we can integrate Veem’s solution into e-commerce platforms. We’re also leveraging our relationship with Intuit and working with Veem’s channel and sales teams to develop a go-to-market strategy for the company’s QuickBooks integration.

Working toward a common goal. Even at 3:00 a.m.

We share Veem’s goal of enabling easier international payments for more businesses around the world. And that means, before anything else, making ourselves readily available—no matter what time—to ensure we’re doing all we can to connect the dots in Veem’s business and keep them moving forward. 

Derek Luke

“Companies can derail as they grow. Trend Forward is capable of being our North Star in many ways, keeping us aligned to the vision we all believe in.”

Derek Luke
CEO at Muse

Since 2014, Muse has been helping the everyday consumer better manage stress through elevated meditation. But that’s just the start. From mental wellness to sports performance to entertainment and injury detection, their platform is advancing the use of brain-wave data.


How Trend Forward Capital is Impacting Muse.


Catering to a corporate audience.

As corporations pay more attention to employee wellbeing, Muse is looking to better define its offering in organizational spaces. With nearly three decades of experience in corporate solutions, we’re able to help not only with product development, but with sales cycles and deployment. Being devoted Muse users, we’re also lending our offices for testing purposes, giving Muse a safe space to hone in on a corporate offering that resonates.  

Counselling for international expansion.

Having experienced success in both Canada and the U.S., Muse is ready to go global. With a major international foothold, particularly in Asia and parts of Europe, we’re using our reach to help the company penetrate new markets. By leveraging our relationships to access decision makers faster, we’re helping Muse drastically cut down cycle time to market.

Securing powerful data to better more lives.

Muse holds the world’s largest repository of clinical brain-wave data, and has established nearly 200 research relationships to better more lives through its technology. We’re helping to secure this highly sensitive data as the company moves into new industries, like healthcare, where data is strictly regulated. With a track record of being ahead of the curve with cybersecurity, we’re helping Muse manage how it collects and stores data, as well as how it conforms and certifies it. 

Kenny Hawk

“It comes down to the people. In Trend Forward, we have a partner we trust to help us steer through the ups and downs of rapid growth.”

Kenny Hawk
CEO at Mojio

Since 2012, Mojio has made it their mission to put more connected cars on the road. With its connected car cloud platform, Mojio enables nearly any car to become connected — accessing behavioral, diagnostic, and contextual data to bring peace of mind to drivers everywhere.

How Trend Forward Capital is Impacting Mojio.


Safe on the road and in the cloud.

Mojio has connected more than 700,000 cars around the world with its cloud platform — which adds up to a lot of data. And that data needs to be secured. We’re working with Mojio to make their system even more secure with the help of Trend Micro’s industry leading cloud security offering.

Helping connected cars get global traction.

More and more cars manufactured today are connected, but 99% of cars on the road around the world don’t have smart capabilities. Mojio wanted to change that. Having already made inroads in Europe, Mojio is drawing on Trend’s experience and connections in Asia to reach new markets and make an impact on a global scale.

It’s all about who you know.

By leveraging our software partnerships and alliances across the tech industry, we’re helping Mojio get in touch with the right people to help accelerate their growth. We’re helping them access different sectors of tech and get deals done quickly.

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