We don't just fund entrepreneurs.
We are entrepreneurs.

We know that no two startups are alike. And neither are two VCs. Having helped build successful companies in various industries worldwide, we can offer diverse skill sets—as unique as you are—to enhance your team and collaboratively scale your growth.

Partha Panda

An engineer and MBA by education, with a software development background, Partha can quickly grasp the nature of a startup’s offering to hit the ground running and help it scale. Having been responsible for global channels, business and corporate development for Trend Micro, he’s experienced in driving business development with key ecosystem partners and driving GoToMarket by optimizing channel. He believes purposeful technology solves big problems to help users reach their goals more efficiently.

“I’m excited to connect dots to help bring in the multiplier effect into a business.”

Keith Foster

Having held various roles to drive business transformation (including international HR positions, and Chief of Staff for Trend Micro), Keith has a keen eye for ensuring the right people with the right skills—from leadership to execution—are aligned to validate a company’s solution and best serve its customers.  He believes strategic relationships enable actions and results. Even more—that good partnerships start with trust, and an insatiable desire to keep learning.

“I believe empathy is powerful and key to growth and transformation for any company."

Jonathan Chang

With a foundation in psychology and years of brand marketing experience, Jonathan brings to his investments a deep curiosity to better understand customer behaviour. Having lived the startup life himself, he believes the road to entrepreneurial success is paved in trial-and-error. He also believes that a transparent, collaborative partnership—where both parties can voice their ideas (no matter how seemingly ridiculous)—is the first step to figuring it all out.

“I look for founders who are humble enough to know that they don’t have all the answers, yet bold enough to think they can change the world.” 

Antonio Cano - Operation Partner

Antonio’s diverse work experience is unmatched. With experience working across multiple continents, he’s succeeded in companies of all sizes, from early startups to Fortune 500. Antonio has served in the public and private sectors in roles that range from business development to finance to operations.

The constant variable: he helps businesses grow. Antonio is a strategist who brings a wide perspective and multidisciplinary approach to the table.

“I firmly believe that today's business complexity requires rapid learning and an open-mindedness to explore beyond just the business itself.”

Glenn Langford - Technology Partner

With a background in Computer Science, Glenn brings a love of science and technology plus over 30 years of experience across research and development, management, intellectual property consulting, and technology mergers and acquisitions. His untethered curiosity helps the team quickly dive deeply into new unchartered waters alongside the entrepreneurs.

"Knowledge can be used in many ways to make the world a better place."

Allia Mohamed - Principal Partner

Allia is passionate about disruptive technologies that help make the world more inclusive, connected, and equitable. A salesperson by training, she brings a strong background in international business development and finance. Allia believes an obsession with the customer—not just the competition—should drive business development. She is eager to build relationships with entrepreneurs outside of the formal fundraising process and collaborate to make their visions a reality.

“I’m excited to partner with entrepreneurs that have a contagious spirit and passion for their company, product and team.”

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