We’re helping Mojio make their platform more secure.

We’re helping Muse reach corporate audiences.

We’re helping Veem fast-track its expansion into China.

Other Active Investments


We amplify the potential of entrepreneurs unlocking a smart connected world.


We invest in disruptive technologies working to change the world. We help founders navigate the winding road from startup to change-maker by building long-term collaborative relationships that amplify what companies are already doing well, and help combat interference.


We know there’s no clear path to startup stardom. Entrepreneurs need different types of support at varying points in their journey. We tailor our guidance to meet those needs, from our go-to-market expertise, cybersecurity solutions, energetic championship and access to our global resources.

Trend Forward academy

Bridging Technology & Talent

At Trend Forward Academy, we are shaping the future of technology by cultivating talent around the globe. Our academy is a non-profit effort that has graduated over 200 technology professionals from Brazil, Egypt, and India. Since 2017, our portfolio companies have benefited from hiring our graduates to help fuel their global growth.

“University just focuses on theories and academics, but at Trend Forward Academy I was presented with real-world challenges to solve.”

Mohamed Amir
Class of 2017 - Cairo, Egypt

We don't just fund entrepreneurs.
We are entrepreneurs.

Wael Mohamed
Wael Mohamed

General Partner

A computer scientist by training and entrepreneur by choice, Wael knows what it means to wear multiple hats. From being CEO of his own company to COO and President of his acquirer, Wael has an innate understanding of what it means to take an idea from inception to global scale. Wael brings decades of experience working in Information Technology and Cybersecurity but his true passion lies in supporting entrepreneurs create jobs and change their communities.

"Entrepreneurial path is full of uncertainty: pursue with sincerity, surround yourself with those who share your dream, and be patient until you realize your true potential."

Jonathan Chang
Jonathan Chang


With a foundation in psychology and years of brand marketing experience, Jonathan brings to his investments a deep curiosity to better understand customer behavior. As the founding CEO of his own company, Jonathan learned that the road to entrepreneurial success requires trial-and-error. He believes that a transparent, open, and collaborative partnership—where both parties can voice their ideas (no matter how seemingly ridiculous)—is the first step to figuring it all out.

"I look for founders who are humble enough to know that they don’t have all the answers, yet bold enough to think they can change the world."

Keith Foster
Keith Foster

New York

An expert in people and operations, Keith brings years of experience in change management, leadership development, and organizational design. Keith has developed a keen eye for ensuring the right people with the right resources – from leadership to execution – are aligned to best serve their customers. He believes strategic partnerships start with a mutual desire to keep learning and are sustained by earning trust.   

"I believe empathy is powerful and key to growth and transformation for any company."

Partha Panda
Partha Panda

Washington D.C.

With a business and software development background, Partha can quickly grasp the nature of a startup’s offering and help it scale. At Trend Micro, Partha was responsible for global channels, business and corporate development. He brings decades of experience in Information Technology and Cybersecurity and is our team expert in leveraging key ecosystem partners and optimizing channels. He’s passionate about purposeful technologies that solve big problems and help users reach their goals more efficiently.

"I’m excited to connect the dots and help bring the multiplier effect into a business."

Antonio Cano
Antonio Cano

Operation Partner

With a diverse background in business development, finance, and operations, Antonio brings years of experience supporting companies of all sizes, from early startups to Fortune 500s. Antonio has served globally in public and private sectors and is our team expert on international regulations impacting today’s business climate. He is passionate about helping businesses grow with a strategic and multidisciplinary approach.

"I firmly believe that today's business complexity requires rapid learning and open-mindedness to explore beyond just the business itself."

Glenn Langford
Glenn Langford

Technology Partner
Ottawa, Canada

With a background in Computer Science, Glenn brings a love of all things technology to the Trend Forward team. With over 30 years of experience in research and development, management, intellectual property consulting, and technology M&A, Glenn is able to provide invaluable expertise to our portfolio companies. His untethered curiosity helps the team quickly dive into new uncharted waters alongside the entrepreneurs.

"Knowledge can be used in many ways to make the world a better place."

Allia Mohamed
Allia Mohamed

Principal Partner
New York

Allia is passionate about disruptive technologies that help make the world more inclusive, connected, and equitable. A salesperson by training, she brings a strong background in international business and finance. Allia believes an obsession with the customer—not just the competition—should drive business development. She is eager to collaborate with entrepreneurs and build a strong relationship outside of the formal fundraising process.

"I’m excited to partner with entrepreneurs that have a contagious spirit and passion for their company, product and team."

We love startups that have:

  • The grit to make the world smarter and more connected
  • Passionate, energetic and collaborative founders
  • The courage to make mistakes and wisdom to ask for help

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