Amplifying the potential of entrepreneurs who unlock a smart connected world.

Bold ideas that spark connections and make the world smarter, that's our caffeine. That’s why we invest in companies with a purpose, and help them navigate the winding road from startup to change-maker.

Trend Forward

Because there’s no clear path to unicorn stardom. Different entrepreneurs need different types of support, at varying points in their journeys. That’s why we’re flexible. From go-to-market expertise, to cybersecurity solutions, to the support of our global resources, we’ll help with what you need, when you need it.

We Work

When it comes to investing, we’re no tourists. Acquisitions and short-term payoffs aren’t in the cards. We seek out long-term relationships that allow us to amplify what companies are already doing well, while learning from them in the process.

Who We Work With

We back entrepreneurs whose ideas are solving real problems and whose customers are breaking down doors to see what’s next. In other words, our sweet spot sits with Series A- and B-stage companies whose products or services are making waves in their industries.

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